2016 Crockpot Challenge – Banana Bread and Bonus Recipe

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imageIt’s dessert time!

I’m super excited about this last recipe, and of course, a bonus recipe is included!

Today I’m sharing the best recipes I have found for Banana Bread and Cinnamon Bread –  both made in the crockpot!!

banana-breadI found this recipe on another blog, although this is a clean eating crockpot challenge, I just couldn’t stop myself from sneaking this, and the bonus recipe in! Click the link below to see the recipe for Crockpot Banana Bread.

Crock-Pot Banana Bread


The bonus recipe, is Cinnamon Bread, made in the crockpot of course!



Slow cooker cinnamon-raisin bread



The recipe in the link above calls for raisins, and that is good, but if you want to have less sugar, substitute the raisins for more cinnamon, it still tastes yummy!

If you decide to try these recipes, let me know how you “tweaked” it, if at all, and if you enjoyed it in the comments!













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